Speciality Tapes Industry Pvt. Ltd

Manufactures and Converters of all kind of Adhesive Tapes, Paper, Foam and Films ISO Certified 9001-2008

Packing & Security

Specialty Tapes are made with film, paper, cloth & foams are made for heavy duty Packing & Security purpose.

The Products used for Packing & Security Sector:

  • Filament Tapes are available in mono & cross type
  • Paper Tapes made with Kraft, crape paper in different colors. We also have reinforced Kraft paper tapes which is water activated
  • Cloth Tapes (Duct tapes) are used for heavy duty packing
  • Floor Marking Tapes are available with different colors
  • Bopp Film Tapes made with rubber or acrylic adhesives with printing.

Filament Tapes

STICOL" Filament Tapes are made with Fibre Glass Reinforce backing made up of Polyester Film with Glass Yarn, Coated with Solvent Based or Hot melt Rubber Adhesive.

Paper Tapes

STICOL" - Paper Tapes are available with kraft, crape or any kind of recyclable paper coated with adhesive.

Reinforced Kraft Paper Tapes

Reinforced Kraft Paper Tapes which is water activated.

Cloth Tapes (Duct Tapes)

STICOL" Double Side Cloth Tapes made out of cotton cloth and is coated on both sides with strong natural rubber adhesive. These tapes are laminated with polyester or paper release liner.

Floor Marking Tapes

STICOL" PVC Insulation Tapes is made from soft polyvinyl chloride (SPVC) as backing materials, good insulation, high voltage and temperature resistance.

Packing Tapes

The packing tapes are made from Film, paper, HDPE woven fabric and cloth. We are using BOPP film, Polyester film, kraft paper tape and reinforced cloth or film to make SticolTM Packing Tapes.

HDPE Woven Tape

Brown Kraft Paper Tape

Polyester Tape Tapes

Paper Masking Tapes

BOPP Packing Tape

Surface Protection Film /Tape



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