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Always at the cutting edge of modern medicine.

Innovative adhesive solutions for medical applications.

Medical advances are making things possible that were inconceivable only a few years ago. One such development comes in the form of high-tech adhesive solutions. In the field of skin bonding, reliable and skin-compatible adhesive systems are indispensable – as is a progressive development partner and supplier of adhesive solutions. This is why STICOL manufactures individual adhesive systems that improve the patient’s comfort and also push the boundaries of technical adhesive possibilities. This has made it possible to considerably improve methods of treatment in the fields of medical diagnostics, general surgery and ostomy.

With STICOL Bonding Engineers, countless medical areas of application are opened up to you and our worldwide renowned specialists are available to develop customised products together with you. STICOL relies on its extensive knowledge from many sectors of industry to achieve this. Experience that pays dividends in the field of medical applications, in the form of high process reliability, the most up-to-date production processes and individual customer care.

Because it can precisely classify patients’ test results, medical diagnostics is becoming ever more important. There are many different methods to detect an illness or produce a result.

Whether for biosensors to determine metabolites (e.g. for blood glucose measurement, to identify urea or cholesterol levels), for ECG electrodes or for diagnostics and monitoring systems – STICOL has the perfect adhesive solution for just about every application. High-tech adhesive solutions open up numerous opportunities to develop reliable and innovative test systems.

STICOL offers both biologically inactive adhesives and biocompatible acrylate adhesives that are specially adapted and die-cut to meet your requirements.

For diagnostics and glucose monitoring systems, the interaction between the individual application areas is crucial. Here, STICOL offers complete adhesive support for fixing sensors and catheters to the skin and for other systems worn by the patient.

Biosensors, predominantly optical-spectroscopic sensors, are an indispensable tool for detecting biomolecules, such as proteins or DNA, and bioparticles with a high sensitivity level. Here, STICOL offers precise die-cut parts that do not interact with the surrounding substances and subsequently provide exact analysis.

Customers around the globe have confidence in our adhesive solutions for painless and skin-compatible application that functions over a longer period.

STICOL has continued to consolidate its skill at processing a wide variety of materials such as films and adhesives for diagnostic test strips to be used in test systems for determining different analytes, including urine, saliva, blood or blood glucose.

The adhesive tapes (single-sided, double-sided or transfer tapes) are made of adhesives that are specially adapted to meet the requirements of the in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) industry. This means they are biologically inactive and do not react with surrounding substrates, such as nitrocellulose.

To support the development and production of biosensors, for example, STICOL offers precise die-cut parts in addition to its many years of experience and individual adhesive solutions. These boast accurate micro tolerances and are supplied in different sizes, according to customer requirements. Customers can also choose different liner and carrier options.

This offers manufacturers of diagnostic systems a wide range of application options.

In the operating room, a sterile environment is the basic prerequisite. Even surgical drapes must be suited to these circumstances and guarantee secure fixing. STICOL adhesive tapes are ideally suited for this as they are easy to apply and fulfil the required medical standards. During an operation, the adhesive tape ensures that the operating area remains sterile, which reduces the risk of post-operative infection. Furthermore, it protects medical devices from any escaping fluids.

STICOL has been successfully manufacturing adhesive solutions for single-use or reusable surgical draps for many years. For these two applications both double-sided and single-sided adhesive tapes are available, suitable for bonding to skin and sterilisable.

We adjust the adhesive properties according to your requirements for each application area. In addition, we manufacture exact-fit die-cut parts or special fingerlift constructions, which prevent gloves from sticking when removing the liner.

The STICOL Bonding Engineers can offer you many options for secure attachments in the field of ostomy. These are individually developed by STICOL according to your requirements:


One-component system:

the base plate together with the stoma bag is bonded directly to the skin.

Two-component system:

a skin protection plate and the stoma bag are attached separately.

Skin protection plate:

STICOL offers individual die-cut parts and customized converting of the skin protection plate - according to your requirements.

It makes no difference whether a single-component system, in which the base plate together with the stoma bag is bonded directly to the skin, or a two-component system, which uses a skin protection plate and a separately attached stoma bag, are used; STICOL always increases patients’ quality of life.

Today, medical apparatus and instruments are full of high technology and the adhesive bonds between the components they contain are equally high-tech. This is because adhesive tapes are used to fulfil special functions.

For each application area, STICOL develops the appropriate bonding solution for you to integrate into your processes.

Our exact-fit die-cut parts can be manufactured in a wide variety of shapes and designs and for practically any material bonding.

Needless to say, they combine demanding visual requirements with extremely low micro tolerances.



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